Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On Being A Pest

This will come as a newsflash to almost no one who knows me, but I can be a complete pain in the ass.  I get anxious.  I get jittery.  When I see something that needs to be done, I want it done NOW NOW NOW!

This hasn't done me any favors in getting the last few things I need in order to publish Akeldama.  The two remaining issues that have yet to be resolved are 1) getting the final cover for the print version, and 2) getting the ebook version completed.  These are somewhat small items, but not having them ready to go is wearing on me.

The cover is mostly complete.  I even got the spine and back part of it back from the cover artist.  The problem is that, like a dumbass, I failed to be completely satisfied with the blurb I wrote and sent off to Extended Imagery.  I thought it sounded great when I looked at it in a word document, but seeing it on the actual full-blown cover made me realize that there's some word repetition in it that needed to be cleaned up.  So I had to send off a corrected version to the artist, and I'm anxiously awaiting it coming back.  Each day for the past couple, I've checked my email in the hope that the new version would come back so I could go ahead and order my proof copy.  That the artist needs a few days to finish(since I'm not his only customer) rarely crosses my mind.  After all, I'm important, dammit!

I've heard back from the formatters for the book, but there are a couple of issues, the main one being that I've incorporated a few different fonts in Akeldama to lend to the mood, and not all of those fonts translate well to the ebook format.  I'm waiting to hear back from them, but each day that passes - admittedly, it has only been a couple - is killing me.  I'm very much a "let's-do-it-now-and-get-it-over-with" kind of guy, so I feel helpless when I don't get to do something immediately.

Maybe all of this will be good for my patience.  I need patience, and I have no choice but to wait for them to get back to me, so perhaps patience will emerge out of having no other choice.  I certainly hope so, or else this whole exercise does nothing but make life miserable for those I'm around.  I'll try to stop pestering the folks who are doing this great work for me, mostly because I don't want to come across as a male version of Glenn Close.  I hope they understand my emails are nervousness and not stalker-ish.

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