Sunday, March 5, 2017


As I finish up the process to publish Akeldama, there are other things creeping up that aren't related to the story.  One of those things is the acknowledgements page.

We've all seen them in our books, pages where the author thanks the myriad of folks who've been instrumental in bringing the book to the public.  Most writers thank their agents, their families, and sometimes a few other random people that are important to them but who mean little to the vast majority of those who read the story.

There are, of course, several landmines possible in this kind of thing, the biggest being if you leave someone out.  In Akeldama, I've thanked by name those most directly responsible for helping me put it together(the cover artist, the ebook and print formatters), as well as my family.  I made passing mention of those who've inspired or encouraged me, but there are so many that mentioning all of them by name could've been a book unto itself.

What I don't want is for someone to be pissed because they didn't get a mention.  There's my best friend who has seen me toil since 6th grade and who has read nearly everything I've ever written, including the puke inducing stuff I once thought was good.  His encouragement has never wavered.  There have been those whose advice I've taken, whether they knew it or not(mostly because it was general advice on their blogs or in their lectures), like Joe Peacock, JA Konrath, Sarah Hoyt, and Hugh Howey.  These exceptional writers have provided insight on both writing and publishing that I've used to make things come to fruition, and the only thing they may know about me is my name.  There are even villains that have inspired me - mostly agents and publishers, but a few naysayers as well - who've either ignored me or told me I never stood a chance.  I don't know if these turds have any idea just how much motivation they gave me to prove them wrong.

Inevitably, someone will get left out, but will it matter?  I'm not an ungrateful person, and I cherish everyone who had a hand in helping me along.  Still, I can't mention everyone, and I'm hoping that no one's feelings get butt hurt over it.  Further, does anyone but the writer and his family even read the acknowledgements?  The only time I've ever skimmed them was when I used to think about traditional publishing and I was scanning for agent names.  Let's be honest - most readers don't give two shits.  The acknowledgements page is something to skip past so they can get into the story itself.

So is there a point to this whole pile of steaming lamentation?  Not really.  It came up as I moved towards publication, and I wondered just how many other authors struggle with it.  Anyone else have any thoughts?

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