Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mind Numbing Fantasies

I have a confession - now that Akeldama is nearing release, I've begun indulging in fantasies about what life would be like if it exploded into massive commercial success.  Yes, in the past I've told people to not worry about fame and fortune, for those things are so rare that you'll never feel successful if that's all you seek, but I'm now fantasizing about just those very things.

I believe most writers have those same fantasies, even if few will admit them.  We all want to be the lead panelist at some fan convention, or able to write whatever we want from the comfort of our plush office in our new Beverly Hills Mansion.  However, we also know that such fantasies are both unrealistic and a little self-aggrandizing.  Many say it's arrogant to spend(waste?) time fantasizing about what hasn't happened(and probably never will).  I a point.

Don't let such fantasies become obsessive.  Don't spend all your time on them.  But if you're out on your front porch for a few minutes late in the afternoon with no other pressing matters, I see nothing wrong with letting your mind wander.  It can be a fun way to keep from being bored, the same way many fantasize about winning the lottery after buying a $1 ticket at the local convenience store.  As long as you don't sit in your bedroom all day thinking about it, it's harmless.

Sometimes these things help us smile in the moments when it feels like all we do is prepare but never seem to actually get to our destination.  I don't believe for a minute that I'm alone in these fantasies; in fact, I'm certain I'm not even in the minority in this. 

Maybe it'll happen.  Maybe it won't.  For now, I'll just let myself dream.  After all, I may get a few good stories from it.

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