Sunday, June 7, 2015

Calling All Authors

I couple of weeks ago, I did a blog tour post for Vanessa Eccles and her new novel, Fabled.  Prior to that, I've done interviews with writers like Hugh Howey, Sarah Hoyt, Christine Rice, and Kevin Hanrahan.

Helping provide Vanessa with a platform to get the word out about her novel reminded me that we writers need to help each other out.  Therefore, I'm putting out a call to all writers regardless of genre - if you would like an additional outlet to get out the word about your work, please message me.  Provided that you aren't advertising about your journey to kill puppies or set orphanages on fire(or any other wildly objectionable material), I will give an open platform for anyone to tell the world about what they've written.

This will be free publicity(ie, no cost , and all you have to do is send me your information and the post you'd like me to use), and you might be able to reach tens of readers.  :-)

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