Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Muse - Energy

I hadn't been this alive in a while.

My Muse had hidden before, but she was now all over me, grabbing my shirt and whispering into my ear so often that hers seemed to be the only voice I could hear.  I could even feel her hands on top of mine as I ran my fingers over the keys.

"It's so nice to have you back," she cooed.

I just smirked and wrote the next piece of dialogue.  "So, now that David and his group have discovered the radar stations, how are they going to monitor the enemy's presence?"

"Well, they can see Los Angeles is full of them, and now they have to figure out how to wipe them out.  He and Dwayne argue over the benefits of a nuclear strike, and an old aircraft carrier sits off the coast.  The Captain of that ship was killed in the initial attack, so there's a lieutenant commander in charge, and he's an old school boy who thinks the military still needs to run as one.  He and David argue over who has more rank, and they can't agree how to use the five jets that are remaining..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I said, my hands flinging into the air.  "You're getting way too far ahead.  Let's focus first on the recon, then we can get into the battle."

She smiled.  "I'm sorry I got over-excited.  I'm just so glad to have you back."

Aren't I the one who's supposed to say that to you? I thought.  However, that thought stayed where it was - right now, I needed her to be enthusiastic.  She wilted after I ignored her for so long, and although the vindictive part of me found irony in her clinginess after so many years of my searching for her, I still knew I needed her.

"I'm glad you're back too, but let's keep it slow."

"A little foreplay," she said with a twirl of her hair.  "I like that.  Just be careful - I'm liable to tackle you if it takes too long."

Turning back to the computer, I stifled a sigh.  My Muse had returned, and she was more into me than ever.  Controlling her passion would now be the biggest challenge.

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