Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Too Much Video?

After my last post, it occurred to me that I reference TV and movies a lot...especially for a site that is supposed to be about writing.  That was when I made the realization that my site isn't necessarily about writing, but rather about storytelling.

When I write, the images of the story play out in my mind the way a movie might.  I think that's why my affinity for TV and movies comes out so much in this blog - having seen them, they're easier to describe.  I can do that for a lot of books as well, but although I've read some great books, there is a bigger lapse between them.

Maybe that's because it's easier to turn off bad TV and search for something better than it is for books.  Some books start off slow, and it takes a while to know if they're worth finishing.  I can spot bad acting and piss poor storylines on video much easier than I can spot bad writing.  Sure, truly horrific writing is evident from the outset, but sometimes it takes a while because the story sounded so promising, only to collapse halfway through when you find yourself fantasizing about anything but what you're reading.

However, since the readers of this blog are all about novels and writing, I'll try to concentrate more on books.  With a two-year old, it can be challenging to read for more than 15 minutes at a stretch, but I need to make the effort.  Then I can better discuss the latest novels rather than what I vegged out on the couch watching.  Besides, video is lazy since it paints the picture for me.

But...damn, if some of it isn't awesome.

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