Sunday, August 7, 2016

Who Is The Blog For?

As I was writing out a recent post, I started wondering exactly who this blog was for.  Is it for people looking to get into writing?  Is it for a specific audience looking to read my work?  Or is it just for me?  Truth is, I'm not sure.

Now don't get all huffy that I didn't immediately say that you were number one in my life.  Although I appreciate everyone who reads this blog, I've never made any secret that my family is number one in my life.  As to the blog itself, while I'm gratified to be approaching 70,000 page views, this blog has been going for over four and a half years, so I don't think that qualifies as a huge audience.  What's more, I haven't had the time I used to have to promote this blog on other forums, and it's not like folks know enough about me to google me.

However, this blog can't just be for me.  Sure, I use it as a release and a way to try out new ideas(some of which are truly horrible), but if it was just for me, I could write anything I wanted, including gibberish, and not care if anyone saw it, but I want people to read it.  I've promoted my work on it, both my novels(speaking of which, I really need to update the novels sections of this website) and my short stories that have won awards.  Still, I don't solicit too much from folks, and I'm not overly disappointed if a post falls flat.

AHA! I hear you thinking.  This is where he equivocates again!  Well...kind of.  I could go the mealy-mouthed route and say it's a bit of both, but I haven't really reached that conclusion yet, and saying that would be a cop out.  I need to keep thinking about it and figure out who this site is more geared towards - you or me.

Why do I need to come to a decision?  Because it'll make me a better writer.  Once I know the audience, I can better tailor the blog to the right people.

Or I can keep wandering back and forth and never pick a hole.  Wouldn't that be fun?

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