Thursday, February 20, 2014


A recent comment on one of my posts really made an impression on me.  It's something I've done, but not something I necessarily thought much about.  The comment was about the merit in going back a year, two years, or ten years after you've written something and see how your style has evolved/improved.

I wish more of us did this.  I wish I did it more consciously.  I spoke recently about improving yourself, but studying what you wrote in your past wasn't something I dwelled on.  I did it, but not as deliberately as I now will.

Learn not only from others, but from yourself as well.  Take a piece you did a while back and see where it now stacks up with how you write now.  If you don't think you could make it better, then you haven't improved yourself.

This is not to say you always have to change things.  Let's face it - that could mean that no work ever gets published.  However, it can be a fun and educational exercise in noting just how you've gotten better, as well as if you even have.  It opens up your world as to where your own trends lie, and it lets you have some control over those trends.  And that can be exciting.

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