Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I've Got Reviews!

Akeldama has been doing decent since its release, even if I haven't yet "hit the big time."  However, one thing I wanted to share was the reviews the book has been getting.  Akeldama is rated at about 4.6 stars right now, and I'm thrilled about that.  I wish there were more, but that'll come in time.  And I know I've told y'all not to engage with reviewers, but I don't think I'm doing that - I'm simply passing along what others have said; I'm not critiquing the reviews and getting huffy when I don't get five stars "OH MY GOD YOU'RE SOOOOO AMAZING" reviews.

Vegan Tour Guide said, "I am glad this book was recommended to me and I will be recommending it to others in return. Until now, this wasn't my genre of reading, however I love the action and story and so I'm IN and looking forward to more!"

CC Case said, "Imagine if Tom Clancy were running your Vampire: The Masquerade Campaign.  If you wonder what types of political machinations come about from over a millennia of conflict between cursed immortals and the organizations who sought to oppress them, you will also appreciate this book. Even then, you may not see the plot twist coming at the end. Good stuff."

Shopper Lady said, "As summer begins, I'm definitely itching for books a bit outside my comfort zone and RD Meyer's book Akeldama was definitely the book for that.  This book was definitely intense and not what I would say is a "beach read.""

Dolores Stewart said, "Now, this is a vampire book. You won't be's action packed!"

But don't take their word for it - read it yourself and decide.  And if you do, please leave a review to let everyone, including myself, know what you thought.

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