Sunday, July 16, 2017

Facebook Is A Tool Of Satan

I was originally going to do a different post today, but I decided that one will hold until Thursday morning.  Instead, I've decided to use this space to discuss one of the most distracting things known to man - Facebook.

I got online this evening in order to make a blog post about something to do with my writing career, and I thought, "I'll just check Facebook real quick to see what's going on.  Five to ten minutes tops!"

Fifty minutes later...

I like to talk on Facebook.  I think most people do.  I use it to keep up with friends, act silly, and yes, talk about serious stuff like science and politics.  I know I've warned y'all not to discuss politics, but that's a public setting I was talking about, not a private one among friends and family.  And since I tend to be verbose, these things can go on for a loooooooong time.  In fact, I tend to be on social media more than an hour each day.  Just imagine what I could be doing instead!

Facebook isn't a drug, but it is like an itch you need to scratch.  Whether that itch subsides, and how much it itches, depends on you.  A guy I know named Joe Peacock gave up social media back in January.  He explained the withdrawal symptoms(no other way to describe the itch).  He got back on only to promote his new novel because that's where the people are, but he has limited himself only to promotion and not to engaging on mindless topics that do little more than outrage each of us.  In honesty, he's stronger than I am on this.

What's so damn important about what I have to say?  Why do I feel the urge to be so involved?  If it wasn't for seeing what friends are doing(I mean close ones, not the "okay-I-know-you-so-I'll-follow-you" kind), talking about the latest outrage is about all I use it for.  It's not like I have a special need to see what everybody had for dinner last night, or their kid's latest baseball game.

I've got to find a way to cut this thing off.  I think deep down I know I need to cut it completely, for I'm not one for doing anything in moderation, and I know Facebook will suck me back in.  I'm not ready yet, and don't know if I ever will be, but I recognize the problem.  At least that's a start(even if only a pathetic one).  I keep going back to what I could get accomplished if I stopped entirely, but I also know I get bored easily and will want to find some way to fill that empty space when I have time between stuff.  If life was easy, I'd figure this out and do it really quick, but if life was easy, I'd also be sculpted like a Greek god and already be on the NY Times Bestseller List - sometimes it's the hard of life that helps us grow.  Now I just need to try to grow...

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