Thursday, September 1, 2016

Monthly Deadline Approaches Quickly

As you may know, I write out about a month’s worth of posts in advance.  Much of what I choose to discuss doesn’t necessarily have to be timely.  Unless it’s a piece of breaking news, I can fire off a post and simply let it come out when it comes out, adherence to time be damned.

Unfortunately, that can also get me in trouble.  As I’ve often said, writing is like going to the gym – it’s a habit that requires routine use or it becomes easier to ignore doing it.  Given that I’ll spend three or four days writing out 13 or 14 posts, schedule them, and then be able to walk away, it’s not hard for me to overlook when yet another month is approaching.  Such happened to me this month.

My time back in the United States has been great.  I’ve been able to reconnect with family, enjoy some other hobbies, and work on things for my house.  However, it has also allowed me to forget about blog deadlines.  It was the 22nd of August before I realized that I hadn’t done anything for the September posts.  Yes, plenty of time left, but writing this blog is about more than sitting at the computer to shit out topics.  Just deciding which topics to write about is a drawn out process, one that requires time.  If I don’t plan out what I’ll write about, I find myself doing the functional equivalent of running my fingers over my lips while making that “b-b-b-b-b-b” sound.

So, what does this all mean?  It means I’m lazy sometimes and forget to track the days.  Another month is upon us – time to get it in gear.

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