Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ideas, Ideas, And More Ideas

This post was originally supposed to be about my schedule of release.  I was going to lament that I don't know if I can meet my original goal of a new novel release every six months.  As I wrote, however, a lot of it started sounding familiar, so I went back to see if I'd covered it before.  Much to my dismay, I found out that not only had I covered it before, but I'd done so recently.  Very recently.

Like this month recently.

My head started to spin.  Had I really been so caught up in stuff that I'd forgotten what I so recently wrote?  Worse, had I just run out of ideas altogether?

Writing a blog on a consistent basis messes with your head.  The biggest thing is that you tend to look at the same ideas over and over.  Admittedly, there are only so many variations on writing themes, so some of my new posts will repeat themselves.  That doesn't mean originality is dead, just that it requires more work.

So this will be a short post more about my failing memory than a lament about time creeping up on me.  I doubt many of you could take yet another one of those posts.

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