Sunday, May 15, 2016

Checking Everyday

I try to maintain this blog pretty consistently.  When I know I’m going to be away from a computer for an extended period of time, I write my posts well in advance so that they appear when they’re supposed to appear.  Unfortunately this often leads to me not checking the site itself for days or weeks on end.

That means I sometimes miss comments.  I love comments on this blog, and I do my best to answer every one individually.  However, if I get caught up in other things, I can miss them, and I feel terrible if I let something go for several days without giving the commenter an answer.

It also means I sometimes miss errors in my posts.  I proofread every post both in its raw form and in a preview page before it goes final.  But hey, I’m human, and stuff gets by me.  That’s not a problem when I check the site every day because I’m pretty good at spotting things eventually.  But when I can’t or don’t check very often, I miss using the improper form of “to” or “your.”  As a writer, it’s incredibly embarrassing when that happen.

At the same time, despite what some may think, this blog isn’t my life.  My wife and children are my life, and, currently, my job is so consuming overseas that that has to take precedence.  Maybe when I start to do this writing thing full time, I’ll be able to check every day.  Until that, though, I have to accept the risks that come with not checking in as often as I might like.


  1. That darned day job ... if only it wasn't for that whole bills thing.