Thursday, February 25, 2016


Thanks to the wizards of the computer world, we aren't always having to type in a specific script.  We can change to whatever we want whenever the mood suits us.  We can go bold, or we can underline our point, but we aren't limited to the default font if we don't want to be.

However, changing fonts needs to be reserved for the right instances.  Imagine if my whole post was typed in italics.  Would you have any idea when I wanted to emphasize a certain word?  Or would you read it as if I meant to emphasize everything, so everything is important?  More likely you'll think I'm in a thought process or a dream at best, or that I'm a nutjob at worst.

I've played with fonts in various works.  In Salvation Day in particular, I changed up fonts to match the mood.  However, I did so sparingly and agonized over which fonts and how long to go for.  The point is that changing up fonts can be a good thing when done in defined points and not all the time.  Readers will quickly grow irritated and chalk you up as some hoity toity elitist, and most folks don't like elitism.

When you change up fonts, go through all of them and ask which one will enhance the story at that juncture.  After all, that's the point of changing up fonts - to enhance the mood.  If the font doesn't enhance the mood, if it's just in there for the sake of being in there, get rid of it.  You may not feel like as grand an arteest, but your readers will thank you, and they'll do so by sticking around.

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