Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Wonders Of Technology

A while back, I told y'all that I was leaving the country for a bit and wasn't sure when I would have access to technology in order to properly post again.  Therefore, I posted about two months worth of material in advance as a bulwark against catastrophe.  Some were silly, some were serious, and some were fun, but all were designed to keep the blog consistent.

However, I'm now happy to report that I've got full internet connectivity again.  Yes, it's not as reliable as in the US, but it's reliable enough for me to post again without fear of falling behind.

I still plan to post in advance.  My job over here has peaks and valleys, and since I don't want to be caught off guard, I will be a few weeks ahead just to make sure I don't hit a deadline panic with nothing to write and no way to post.  If a current event begs to be talked about, I will interrupt what I put on my post-ahead list, but that will be the exception.

Just know that I should remain a constant on the net.  Aren't y'all thrilled?

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