Thursday, February 5, 2015

Picture Reminder

I wanted to offer a reminder to all that simply downloading pictures you like from the internet and posting them on your blog is not a good idea.  I did a post on this a couple of years ago, but some of what I've seen recently makes me think a reminder is in order.

Unless you've taken the picture yourself, or you've obtained written permission, that photo doesn't belong to you, and it can cost you money.  Whether you intended to use it for profit or not, the original artist can demand payment on your usage, and they'll win.  Courts have consistently sided with original artists.  Most of us don't have several thousand dollars sitting around to pay off judgments, so best not to risk it.

I fell into this trap when this blog first started, but since becoming aware of the pitfalls, I promptly removed every photo I didn't take or didn't get permission for(I got that permission for the authors I've interviewed).  I still use photos, but they're ones I've taken, and,  quite frankly, I'm lazy(another reason it's easy to steal from the internet sometimes).

Better to go without than risk a judgment against you.  The monetary losses aren't worth the chuckle you'd get over some snarky picture about babies in cowboy outfits.
(She's got an ego that will easily grow into that hat)

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