Tuesday, September 9, 2014

In Bits And Pieces

This will be a short post, but I wanted to share an idea I recently had.  I wish I could take full credit for it, but folks like Sarah Hoyt have been doing this for years.  Me being as slow as I am, it simply took me a while before I caught up.

I've decided to write a serialized novel during Friday's short stories.  I'll write a chapter each week and see how it goes.  This "novel" will never be published anywhere besides this site, so you'll have to tune in to find out what happens.  Further, you'll get to see it in raw, unedited form.  Yes, I'll do some edits prior to hitting the publish button, but nothing beyond what I usually do for a blog post, and certainly nothing in as much depth as I do for one of my more traditional novels.

As of this moment, I'm going to set the story in the Homecoming universe and see where it takes me.  Of course this being my blog, I reserve the right to change it between now and Friday when the first chapter gets posted, but I promise that once I start, I'll continue until it either reaches a natural conclusion or it becomes so unreadable that I discard it entirely(y'all will get a chance to chime in before that final decision...it's only fair).

So come back Friday and tag along for the ride.

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