Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I've got to change up my schedule.  I usually do all three posts for the week at once, although I allow some leeway for breaking news or outside inspiration.  And when I do this, it almost always occurs on Sunday night before bed.  The problem is that I also love my sleep, and when my body wants to shut down, my mind has trouble cranking out anything of quality.

Looking back, some of my posts seem to be little more than incoherent rants.  I blame this on being dog tired when writing.  That's not an excuse - it's simply a statement of fact.

I've stopped writing anything novel-related late at night since I know I don't give my best effort under those circumstances, but that hasn't carried over to my posts.  I have to figure out something new if I want to deliver better quality to my audience(both of you).  This is also impacting my short story side since I've taken more and more to posting chapters from novels instead of original short stories.  That's not to say I don't think my chapters are interesting, but I would like to do more original work, and 11pm is not the time to pump out my best.  Sure, I can eek out something, but I'm almost always disappointed in such effort.  This has led to my postponing the week's short story until I'm more coherent, but I then find myself in the same predicament on Thursday night.

I don't yet know the solution, but I'll figure it out.  It'll make me a better writer, and you guys deserve better stories from me.  We'll see how things go from here...once I figure out where to go.

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