Sunday, July 21, 2013

Technological Advancement

A while back, I did a post about my challenges in rearranging this website.  I'm a technological neanderthal, so I wondered if I'd ever be able to figure it out.
(I'm technologically primitive...and I'm mad about it)
Well, in case you haven't noticed, I've begun to figure it out!  I've added two new pages to my site, and I invite you to click on either one.  The first is a running synopsis of the novels I've written and am currently writing.  I'll be regularly updating this page as works near completion, and upon their release, they'll link over to the Amazon page where they'll be available.  The second is an "about me" page where I go into more detail on who I am, and even why I've chosen to go by RD Meyer rather than my name, Russ Meyer.  That part alone is worth the read.

That doesn't mean my technological defeats are behind me.  On the "about me" page, I still couldn't get the pictures at the bottom that show what a fun loving guy I am to stand side by side as exactly as I'd wanted.  There's also still more I'd like to do on this site, but I'm going in slowly and cautiously since I have next to no confidence in what I can do on a computer(besides write).  It's going to be a deliberate and painful process to figure it all out, but I know I have to do it if I want this page to reflect a professional writer rather than a hack who has access to Microsoft Word.

Now that I've got the additional pages thing figured out, I have to figure out what additional pages to add.  The first two were no brainers.  I even considered making a page for each of my novels, but then it occurred to me just how crowded that would get as I published book after book, so I decided to just have a page listing all of my novels.  Don't worry - I'll make a second page of works once the first page gets too full.

So, what are your ideas?  Seen anything cool on the sites you like to visit that you think I should add?

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