Tuesday, March 5, 2013


First of all, a quick update - my desktop computer is still in the crapper, so I'm posting from a laptop I don't normally use.  I bought a Dell last year in the hopes it would run at least as well as my last one, and it has been nothing but trouble from the day I brought it home.  The only solace I can take is that I'm not the only one who has had trouble with this company's computer.

Anyway, on to today's topic.  As I sat pondering how to impart my latest bit of advice - you know...from a guy who has written several books but hasn't yet put one out - I ran into a problem I suspect a lot of bloggers have.  I wondered if there was a new angle on how to set the scene or how to create believable characters with wonderful dialogue, and then it hit me - there are only so many ways to give the same advice.

In short, I was starting to repeat topics.

This was probably inevitable.  Those who comment on current events have a wealth of events that are always evolving, so they rarely run into the problem of needing to brainstorm.  However, while the writing industry is in flux, the basic process of creating a story doesn't shift all that much.  Sure, our writing improves as we do it more often and learn from the process, but the basic premises don't change from week to week.

So, what to blog about?  I don't want this blog to become repetitive, where people stop by and read the same subjects over and over, wondering if they've come across this before.  Eventually, people will get bored and/or pissed off, so I have to find a way to stay fresh.  And since there are areas I won't go into unless they pertain to a particular story, keeping things new is one of my greatest challenges.

I walk my dogs every weekend for about three or four miles, prior to my family waking up.  I use this time to fantasize, and if I don't yet have topics for this blog for the next week, I'll use that time to figure out what to discuss.  I've come up with great topics, only to look back through my site and discover that I've already done that in some form or fashion.  That can be very frustrating.

It gets difficult to find new subjects week after week.  I'll have a virtual cornucopia of new topics once I start putting books out, but that's a little ways off.  Until then, it's going to take some stretching.  I can only hope things don't look recycled.

Plus, I can only hope things don't look recycled.


  1. I have no problems reading already discovered subjects! Ha ha, I do the same thing myself! I tend to write what is plaguing me the most and what's on my mind at the time. I throw in a few different posts on non-writing related things on occasion so I don't run out of things to say too though. I just need to start writing more...can I get my request of more hours in the day fulfilled? :)

    1. If you can find a store that'll sell you more hours, please let me know where they are. :-D