Sunday, March 3, 2013

Crawling Forward

This will be a bit of a departure from the things I usually write about.  Instead, I'm going to talk about what a Neanderthal I can be.

I recognize that technology is one of the driving forces of our world.  It keeps us connected, allows us to broaden ourselves, and generally makes today's First World go 'round.  That being said, I despise technology.  I hate most of it with every fiber of my being, and I use only what I have to in order to survive in this rough and tumble world.  To me, technology peaked with the frozen pizza, and Lord knows I sure do enjoy a tasty Totino's on a Sunday afternoon.

I have a few reasons for my distaste.  First, I don't understand most of it, nor do I see the need for it.  Being a writer, my mind isn't formed around the algorithms necessary to spin off on a technological bent.  My mind simply doesn't go from A to B to C the way some folks can with this stuff.  When you ask me how something on the Internet works, you might as well be asking me to untangle a DNA strand.

As a Gen X'er, I'm kind of in that weird in-between cycle where leaps in technology were just coming into play as I grew up, but I wasn't so ensconced that my life was defined by it.  I still find comfort in using a VHS VCR, and I can do mathematic computations by hand.  I don't like turning over so much of what's important to a machine, and since I'm a control freak, or maybe their king, I enjoy that comfort I find in doing things myself.  When I have to rely on technology to do it, I feel incomplete.

Another frustration with technology, however, is its unreliability.  I bought a new computer about 14 months ago, and it has been nothing but trouble.  It crapped out on me again this past week, and when I took it down to the store I got it from, they told me the hard drive was tits up.  It's still under warranty, so that'll get replaced for free, but I didn't always back everything up, and data recovery will cost me a few bucks.  And yes, it'll be like getting a new computer, but shouldn't something so expensive that we rely on so much not break so quickly?

I imagine a bunch of guys sitting around a room and saying, "We have the perfect product, but people won't ever buy new stuff or another system if it's too good, so let's build in a few flaws.  We can call the fixes for those flaws 'upgrades.'  And then let's make sure that the model is outdated after a year so they can give us another $1000."

Bottom line - I hate this stuff.  I didn't even get an iPhone until January(and only because my old flip phone finally gave out after almost seven years).  My latest computer issues just have me frothing at the mouth about technology's unreliability and cost, so I used this space to vent.  It's my space, so yes, I'll use it to vent.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make another post to Facebook with my phone.

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