Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Book Release!

Salvation Day has been released and is now available for purchase!  It has been a long time coming, but I'm happy the day is finally here, and I'm extremely proud of this work.  The book is out on all major publishing sites(Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and Apple iBooks).  As a reminder of the plot...

Mike Faulkner wants to kill God.  No, he doesn't want to convince less people to believe; he wants to confront the deity Himself and watch Him die.

After he lost his baby girl to a childhood illness, his wife, consumed by grief, committed suicide.  Through a series of (seemingly) random events, he comes to know that his wife's soul has been sent to Hell for this violation.  However, Mike is a theoretical mathematician whose equations show the potential for a new form of energy that can affect the bonds of reality.  In the midst of this discovery, he's approached by a demon from Hell's ruling council with an offer of immortality in exchange for creating a new weapon to storm the gates of Heaven and confront the Almighty.  The demons promise to free his wife and give him absolute power for his efforts.  And all it will take is destruction on an unimaginable scale, as well as the discarding of conscience in order to satiate anger.  After all, what's the harm in annihilating Heaven if that means the cruel will of God can be overcome and real justice established?

Salvation Day is a paranormal thriller that takes us from Mike's grief to his temptation to his corruption to his redemption, stopping at every emotional place in between.  Mike's journey is for everyone who has ever had questions of faith, the meaning of existence, and a longing to know why life sometimes seems unbearable.  How would each of us react to being given the power to create our own version of paradise, and would we truly understand the repercussions of that desire?

This is my second release, and my third should be coming out next summer(probably in July).  I've got the process down now, and this release has proven far easier than my first.  I hope to have at least five novels(preferably six, depending on what happens with the Canidae re-write) out by mid-2020.

As with Akeldama, if you pick up a copy of Salvation Day, please do a review on it.  I hope you enjoy it and give the book a good rating, but obviously that's your decision.  All I really ask is that you do a review.  Tell me and others what you think.

You can buy the paperback here, and the Kindle ebook here.  You can get the Smashwords version here.  Apple iBook version and the Nook version should be ready by this weekend.

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