Thursday, December 17, 2015


This post was originally going to be about how I like to write down blog ideas as I have them, for I'll otherwise forget.  However, upon further reflection, I think the scope of that post is too narrow, because I have ideas about more than just this blog all the time.

There are times during my job when I'm waiting for my boss to be available, or during a meeting, or any number of other times when an idea will come to my head.  Sometimes it's about this blog, but other times it's about a book I'm working on or a story idea I haven't even begun playing with yet.  And since I'm becoming a forgetful old troll in my later years, I don't always remember these ideas or points when I need them.

Therefore I've started carrying a small notepad with me at all times.  This is for those "AHA!" moments when something sparks inside of me.  I rarely have time in that moment to do anything, but I need the idea later.  So I jot it down.  Depending on the idea, maybe it's just a quick bullet to remind me what to talk about when I blog.  Perhaps it's a little more so that I can go back and really delve into it.  Whatever it is, it's designed to overcome the limitations of my memory.

Such a thing can have practical applications too.  For example, jotting down notes in a meeting can make you look more studious than you are.  Now I know that some of you are always studious, but I'm talking to the more realistic part of the populace out there who knows that you don't always take copious notes when someone is talking during a meeting.  This gives you a way to do so.  Of course don't sacrifice your job for this, but let's face it - sometimes the speaker is boring you to tears.  It's okay to admit that to yourself and find ways around it.  We can't all be interested in everything someone says all the time.

Find a way to have something to write on all the time, and make sure it's something you'll keep.  I wouldn't make it your "normal" outlining notebook, for it'll get crowded fast, but keeping something simple that has random ideas is a plus.  You'll be a more prolific writer for it.

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