Sunday, November 22, 2015

Putting It Out There

My blog hasn't posted the numbers recently that I would've liked.  There was a time when this site was drawing in over 400 readers a week, making it an exciting time.  I wondered, "Have I finally arrived?"  That has all come crashing down now that the site is averaging less than 100 readers a week(sometimes barely 50).  I got to thinking about this and came to only one conclusion - it's my fault.

Blog readers like to stay engaged, but with only so much time in a day, they'll move on to something else if they find it more interesting.  Because of this, you need to bring in new faces on a constant basis.  I used to be able to do that.  So what has changed?

Basically, time.

I used to advertise my blog all over the place.  Tying in with a previous post, I also used to post on other people's sites a lot more than I do now.  If someone found my comment insightful, and this site was linked, maybe they hopped on over to see what it was like.  I also posted on Facebook and writing message boards, imploring people to give my latest post a chance.

I don't do that anymore.  I want to, but my time has become very limited.  Therefore, logically, traffic has subsided.  I know that a possible fix to this is getting back out there, so that's the first step.  It's going to be halting and require more effort than I now employ, but I hope it will re-draw interest.  I'm not looking for numbers just for the sake of numbers, but I'd love to get more readers and more comments so that we can engage in great dialogue about writing.  In the end, we can all benefit from it.

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