Sunday, September 13, 2015


I'm a slacker.  I have over 300 people on my pre-order list for Akeldama, but for all they know, I've disappeared from the face of the Earth.  Why?  Because I haven't sent out an email update in quite some time, and a few of the newer people on the list have never gotten one.

I'd like to write this off to the time my current job requires, in addition to being in a foreign country while doing it, but that's just an excuse.  As you can tell from the way I keep up this blog, I've got the time, but breaking the inertia to write one is a challenge.  It makes me think that my potential readers may have simply written off the project as not going to happen.

This, of course, is dangerous for any writer.  We have to let those who promised to buy our work know that we're still around and that this dream hasn't died.  Sure, many will come around when they get that email saying it's ready to go, but more will stick around if they feel like they're part of the process.

How often should one send out a newsletter, though?  I don't want them to forget me, but in this digital age where some bosses text and email all the time, will too much reminding irritate folks and make them turn away?  I'm new to this whole "building an audience" thing, so I feel like I'm trying to thread the eye of a needle while blindfolded.

Yes, this whole post is just one big rant on insecurity and laziness.  That said, I need to get off my ass and figure it out.  I just hope others stay along for the ride.

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