Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Novel Title Reveal!

It came to me in a flash - the title for the novel I'm currently working on.  Those who pay attention to the other pages of this site already know this, but I'm working about a month ahead on blog posts right now in preparation for possibly being offline for a little bit this summer.

The novel's name is Fight Or Flight.  The story revolves around one man as he takes humanity on a 73 year journey from the brink of extinction to the dawn of a new civilization.  David Morton fights an alien invasion and his own guilt over what happened to his family.  Could he have done more to protect them?  Was his cowardice responsible for what happened?  Does he spend the rest of his life overcompensating for that moment of weakness?

Further, the title works on more than just the individual level for Morton and his life, but for humanity as a whole.  How do we fight a menace so far advanced that they outgun us at every turn?  And if we can't fight, what are our options?

It's always exciting when you figure out a novel's name, and that's how I feel about this - excited.  Of course, it could all change if something else suits my fancy(after all, this novel likely won't be published until sometime around 2020), but it works on so many levels that it just feels right.

I'm nearing the end of the first act of Fight Or Flight, and I hope to have it finished by Labor Day.  Having a name for it makes it feel more real, so if nothing else, that's progress.

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