Thursday, January 1, 2015

Writing Resolutions

As we begin the New Year, I've got several goals I want to accomplish as a writer:
1.  Finish two novels.  This will be easy, especially as my summer begins abroad(that's because I'm not very adventurous and will be spending a lot of my free time writing).  I already know which two they will be - my Homecoming prequel, and my weirdo dystopian novel Onyx.  I hope to finish the Homecoming prequel prior to leaving in June, and if I can finish Onyx prior to the end of the year, I can write a third novel before coming home and starting the stretch to release Akeldama.

2.  Find my short story groove again.  I've lost enthusiasm for short stories.  I think this was more about the grueling schedule to release than about the work.  Short stories help me write more concisely, thus improving me as a writer.  I hope to get back into them before the year is out.

3.  Read, read, read.  I've got over $200 in the Amazon store waiting to be purchased.  To be a good writer, you need to know what good writing looks like.  I aim to plunge back into reading with a passion.  My tendency is to absorb lessons almost osmotically, so the more I can read, the more I should be able to apply what I learn.

4.  Keep up blog consistency.  I've slipped on occasion, and it bugs me when that happens.  Getting ahead of the game is key, especially as I begin my trek in June.  It'll be real easy to miss a bunch of posts if I don't plan things out in advance.

5.  Finish final editing on three books.  I've begun with Akeldama, but Salvation Day and Schism require oversight.  There are commercial products in there that I need to get permission to use, or I need to find a way to alter them without changing the substance of the novel.  Again, I'll have time starting in June, so this should be doable.

That's enough for the moment.  These goals will keep me busy as I travel abroad, and I hope to return to the US ready to begin the final push to release my first work.  If nothing else, it'll be an eventful year.