Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm A Lazy Bastard

Why is this so hard?  I think getting back into the groove is challenging because I took so much time off.  I finished Homecoming in late September, and I let myself take a true vacation from real writing.  There was a new baby to take care of, as well as a new job, and I hadn't ever taken more than a month or so away from writing for real.  I assuaged my guilty conscious by promising I'd write a short story a week for a later anthology, which I never did.

Maybe part of it is challenging because of what I'm trying to do.  I have a pair of ideas for my next work, and I plan to post the first chapter of each on this site so that you guys can let me know which one you'd prefer I work on.  However, in my ambition, I might've paralyzed myself since I just can't get going.  Sure, I've written about 1,000 words to The Onyx Cluster, but I still have about 2,500 words to go if I want a coherent first chapter, and I haven't even started the other book about Satan winning the Apocalypse.

I just need to block out a period of time and get to it.  An hour a day and I could have these chapters done in a week.  That way, I could give them to you for deliberation.  It just
(Time's a-wastin')

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