Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thirsting For Blood

This is the fifth of a six part series in which I'm going to try to assume various personas, some of which I understand, and some of which I don't, in order to write from that point of view. Today I'll be playing the part of a serial killer logging his desires in a journal.
(All tools have a purpose...)

I've found her.
It's so hard to describe that feeling of total bliss that comes over you when you locate the one who is going to be your next indulgence.  That all over shiver...ooooohhhhh.
She was dropping her kids off at school today, just like she did the last few days.  I'd noticed her before, but she didn't catch my eye earlier the way she did this morning.  Maybe it was the sun glinting off of her shiny blonde hair or the way her lips curled into that smile when she kissed her kids goodbye.  Whatever it was, it enraptured me, and I knew I had to make her mine.
I followed her home, careful to stay far enough away to not be noticed.  I also turned a street early and circled back - so easy to fade into the everyday camouflage afforded by suburban life.  She didn't see me, intent as she was at jingling her keys in her delicate, soft hands.  She fumbled with the lock momentarily before sliding in her instrument.  Once inside, I could only imagine what she was doing...what she'd soon be doing for me.
Staying by the house all day, it was apparent she was alone.  I don't know if that means she's a single mother or if her hubby just works, but such a creature shouldn't be without companionship.  Were she mine, I'd never let her alone.  She'd be with me through all time...she will be with me through all time.  Never to wake up alone, never to experience life without me, only to feel me inside her as part of her spirit.  It will be glorious.
All of the others were just practice.  This time I know it'll work.  She'll let me in and she'll know joy like she has never known before.  I'll press myself to her, and she'll push back, but only playfully.  There will be the usual games, but in the end, I know how this will end.
Could she reject me?  Could she be like all the others?  Certainly, but that won't happen here - that can't happen here.  I just know it.  This time the knife will bond us, her blood to mine and my blood to hers.  It won't be like the last time...that last time when she just wouldn't come to realize her passion.  No, this time it's real.  This time she'll beg me to join her.
Maybe we'll start in her kitchen.  I've always enjoyed that place.  However, we'll go elsewhere with time.  Perhaps to the bedroom, although I'd prefer a more secluded location.  I think maybe I'll take her someplace where she can let loose her inhibitions.  She'll deny it, protest that she wants to stay for her kids or hubby, but we'll both know that's a lie.  Over such fake denials, she'll want me to conquer her.  I can do that...I will do that.
And if not, she can join others who've rejected me, for there are always more conquests on the horizon.

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