Thursday, October 17, 2013

Maintaining A Schedule

It's nights like tonight that remind me of the need for discipline if I ever hope to make it as a writer.  Why might you ask?  Because writing is a business, and to succeed at business, you need to take a disciplined approach.

I ordinarily do my three posts for the week on Sunday night and schedule them for different times during the week.  Sure, something big might come up, like the death of Richard Matheson, but I can rearrange if I want to do a spontaneous post.  However, I like to have the entire slate complete in one sit down so I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week.  Don't get me wrong - I love to write this blog, but I have lots of other things going on during the week from a writing perspective, so being able to focus on those is nice.  Unfortunately, I didn't do that this week.

I'm not real sure what happened.  Maybe I was too busy watching football and just got behind, but I noticed I didn't do a post, so I sort of improvised.  I'd always planned to post the first chapter of Wrongful Death, and that night seemed as good a time as any.  By Monday, I got a burr to discuss bad guys since I just watched Sleepy Hollow and continued to find the story lacking.  I meant to delve right into the next post, but I got into other things, and that plan was quickly moot.  I was sure I'd find the time, but I found myself this afternoon suddenly remembering that I had no post...and there were no plans to do so at that moment.

I write this at 10pm in a state of exhaustion from a busy week, and all I can think is how dumb I can be to not just do something right the first time.  Sure, I could've let it go, but I'd be violating my own rules.  Then, just like skipping the gym makes it easier to keep skipping, I'd have continued to find excuses to not blog.  So here I am creating this whiny post and wondering what I can do to rectify it.  The biggest thing is to do my work on Sunday as I always plan to do so that this doesn't bite me in the ass next week.

I promise I'll get back into writing again next week with something fun.  For now, bedtime is beckoning me, and it'd be rude to ignore the call.

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