Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reminder To Sign Up Early

(Sign up while the gettin's good)
My current plan is to begin publishing in May of 2016, starting with Akeldama.  I will bring out a new novel every six months thereafter, and I expect to have a stash of at least nine novels ready to go at that point so I can focus for a little bit on marketing rather than sweat writing yet another novel while trying to sell the first few.

That said, anyone who signs up with me prior to the release date will get nearly 25% off of the list price for a hard copy of the book(my plan is for hard covers to sell for $12.95, and pre-orders will get them for $9.95; there will also be ebooks available, likely for $3.99, but those won't be discounted).  By signing up, you will get my newsletter, which will let everyone know where in the process we are.  As it gets closer to the release, those in the know will also get early looks at the cover, as well as sneak peaks at content.  Either sign up in the comments by giving me an email address, or contact me at RussDMeyer@gmail.com.

Thanks for all the support everyone has given me so far!  It means a lot.

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