Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Cycle Continues

Throw Momma From The Train was a funny movie when I was 12. Now that I've gotten older, I find it lacking. However, Billy Crystal's character makes an excellent point - "A writer writes, always."

That's what I am. Notice that I didn't say that's what I do, but rather that's what I am. I have dozens of stories locked inside my skull, and they're going to come out one way or another. Therefore, despite having begun the query process for Akeldama, I've begun my next novel.

It has no title yet(I rarely figure that out before I get to the end of the novel I'm working on), but it's my first attempt at what's called a Young Adult novel(targeting, surprise, teenagers and young adults).  I can't explain what draws me to the paranormal except that it has always fascinated me.  Therefore, this one also draws on a paranormal theme.  The main character, Christian Gettis, dies in the opening scene in a hit and run accident and sees others trying frantically to save his life. 

He is greeted shortly thereafter my a mysterious figure he is never able to get near.  The figure claims to be his designated mentor, the one who will take him through the perils of the afterlife until he can cross into the light.  This person explains there are a multitude of rules before one can attain final peace, the biggest being that if you suffered a wrongful death, you have to avenge yourself on the one who caused it.  Christian searches and finds who he believes is responsible, and he begins extracting justice.

However, he quickly begins to notice several flaws in this plan.  The person he found - and is subsequently torturing - appears to have an alibi, and Christian's mentor becomes evasive, and even rude during questioning.  Something has gone horribly wrong, and Christian must now figure out why he is going after the wrong person if he is ever to leave Earth.

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