Friday, December 23, 2011

An Aspiring Author's First Intrepid Step...

My name is Russ Meyer, and I'm a writer.  Please note that I didn't say I'm an author, because I believe that an author's books collect dust on a library or bookstore shelf somewhere.  One day I'll be found on Amazon or in a Barnes & Noble(assuming those still exist), but as my crystal ball is in the shop, I don't yet have a read on exactly when that'll be.

I call myself a writer because, well...I write.  I have an untold number of stories locked up in my head, and they come spilling out when the mood suits me(which is pretty often).  There is no specific genre I gravitate towards unless someone invents a category called "weird stuff."  I've written science fiction, horror, paranormal, military, political, and probably a host of other categories that I'm leaving out.

There are currently three books in my repertoire:
1.  On Freedom's Wings
2.  Salvation Day
3.  Akeldama

I wrote the first one over 12 years ago and it shows.  The lack of depth and obvious life experience make it in need of a serious re-write before it'll ever be ready.  However, Salvation Day was the first novel I've submitted to literary agents, so far without success.  Akeldama will be submitted following the New Year, and it'll probably be the first one that gets any real attention.  I promise that I'll provide a more in-depth look at each one in the coming weeks.

This blog will be dedicated to writing and will be updated three times a week - Sunday night, Tuesday night, and Thursday night so that it'll be available first thing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for the masses(both of you).  Politics, sports, medicine, and voo-doo witchcraft will have to stay elsewhere, mostly because I don't want to drive off potential readers, agents, or publishers, and I know that those topics would be sure to divide any audience I might preach to.

Please enjoy the ramblings of a man who enjoys telling stories, whether anyone else listens to them or not.  It is my fervent wish that someone will one day take pride in telling people, "I was the first one to read RD Meyer's work."

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